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Evil Bone Water’s 三七 San Qi / Panax Notoginseng

San Qi / Panax Notoginseng is a literal lifesaver.

It’s one of the main ingredients in Evil Bone Water. Here’s why it’s so awesome.

This photo is from the Evil Bone Water factory. San Qi is in the bowl on the left. (on the right is Cinnamon…the real stuff, not what you find in the grocery store…but that’s for another blog post).

It’s one of the rarest and most expensive herbs in China, it’s notoriously difficult to grow, and for that reason is often excluded from mass-produced topical formulas. But Evil Bone water spares no expense to bring you the very best.

Herbal Quality Rating Scale

You can see the “standard” c-grade in this photo. It still works, but not as well. San Qi has over 200 bioactive phytochemical compounds, and has been extensively studied in the modern era. The powdered herb can be poured directly into open wounds, has an antiseptic quality and is known for healing massive traumas like surgical incisions and even gunshot wounds without leaving a scar.

San Qi / Panax Notoginseng is a literal lifesaver.

It’s most important compounds are called saponins. These have been shown to have beneficial effects in cardiovascular disease, diabetic neuropathy, and atherosclerosis.

Most importantly for Evil Bone Water, they can heal ischemic reperfusion injuries (that’s a fancy term for “bruise”).

Ischemias in the brain are really bad (it’s one type of stroke) but we get them all the time in other parts of our body from daily life. Bonking into a coffee table, overdoing it with yard work or in a martial arts class, even chronic pains like arthritis and fibromyalgia can involve ongoing ischemic damage. Your best friend for these types of injuries is San Qi.

Now we don’t recommend Evil Bone Water for internal use (I know some folks do, and I can’t say I’ve never tried it…but it might have an undesired laxative effect so please just… don’t). And if you have a stroke or serious injury, by all means please seek immediate medical attention. But for those everyday little things… keep a bottle of Evil Bone Water close at hand.

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Fungus, Diabetes, and Long Covid

Fungus, Covid & Diabetes

1 in 10 Americans have Diabetes; 1 in 3 are Prediabetic

The CDC may not have the best reputation right now but they do track this statistic pretty well.

We expect this number to go up because Covid can cause Diabetes.

Diabetes means excess sugar floating around in the bloodstream. You know what loves that sugar? Fungus.

We all have Candida in our body. I can’t tell you how many people have come to me with various issues after another doctor told them they have Candida. That’s like saying “I have hair”. No duh. We all have it. Some more than others but it’s a normal part of our microbiome. It only causes problems when it gets fed too much and grows out of control.

Brehan Crawford as a young man

I was also fed too much & grew out of control; no coincidence, I was prediabetic. NGL though that marshmallow was delicious.

This Nigerian study showed a large increase in the incidence & severity of fungal infections amongst diabetic patients. No surprise, the higher their blood sugar, the worse the fungus.

Assessment of Systemic Fungal Infections among Diabetic Patients in Enugu, Nigeria

Enter our friend Atractylodes (sounds like: “Attractive-loads”). It’s an anti-fungal powerhouse and the other half of Aquada 二妙 Ermiao “Double Awesome” next to it’s buddy Phellodendron (the one with the berberine).

Phellodendron drops the blood sugar and promotes expression of more insulin receptors. Atractylodes handles the fungus. Then they hug and go watch the sunset together.


In this study some mice were tragically given a lethal Candida infection. Atractylodes kept them alive.

Lethal Candida Atractylodes study

The key component of Atractylodes’ efficacy is its volatile oil. See the little brown flecks in the photo above? Those are oil pockets. The plant only expresses them when it needs to defend itself from high winds (winds of course carry mold spores). So the best quality is grown on the crazy windy Mongolian plateau, and that’s what goes into Aquada.

That oil contains the compound Atractylodin:


Which, in this study, also prevented damage to human kidney cells in the presence of excess fructose (fructose is a sugar).

Atractylodin inhibits fructose-induced human podocyte hypermotility via anti-oxidant to down-regulate TRPC6/p-CaMK4 signaling

You don’t need to take these herbs to survive type 2 diabetes, but in combination with diet and exercise it can make the process of getting into remission and staying there so much easier. It can also be used prophylactically if you like the occasional marshmallow.

Aquada Er Miao Wan 19g by Botanical Biohacking

Slay fungus, express new insulin receptors, eat a cookie on your birthday.

The Damp Plague causes Diabetes

The Damp Plague Causes Diabetes
You read that right. Here’s the study, you’re 40% more likely to get the ‘beetus after Covid.
you’re 40% more likely to get the ‘beetus after Covid.

Remember Covid is a “damp plague” and many other “damp diseases” are also associated with persistent viruses including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, yadda yadda and oh look Epstein Barr virus also does it:

Associated with persistent viruses including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, yadda yadda and oh look Epstein Barr virus also does it

Because type 2 gets all the press and variety is the spice of life you’re also at higher risk for type 1 diabetes from Covid and EBV. Type 1 used to be diagnosed exclusively in children; but clinically I’ve seen it in adults, especially after Sars-CoV-2 exposure.

Diabetes and COVID-19
Diabetes and COVID-19

Now type 1 needs to be managed and is lifelong (we’ve treated it in very acute situations and put it into remission, but I don’t recommend trying to do this yourself, it requires close medical observation. Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution is a highly-recommended book for Type-1’ers); but type 2 can be put into remission with proper diet and physical exercise, and conservative supplementation of nutrients such as berberine.

Berberine lowers blood glucose

Berberine is readily available as a supplement but most on the market are low quality and can cause nasty side-effects. My preferred way to use it is in a formula called Aquada (in Chinese this is called 二妙 Er Miao which translates as “double awesome”). In addition to berberine from sustainably-harvested 30-year old phellodendron bark it has Atractylodes Lancea grown on the Mongolian Plateau, where it is exposed to all kinds of nastiness due to high winds from Eurasia laden with fungal spores. Like your scoutmaster said, this kind of exposure builds fortitude and character. Atractylodes of this quality is strongly anti-fungal and can resolve a lot of the Dampness that comes along with elevated blood sugars.

Atractylodes Lancea grown on the Mongolian Plateau

Prevention is always best but we’re in the stage of the pandemic where public health agencies are basically throwing hands and giving out more thoughts & prayers than actual help. Long Covid in its various presentations is going to become very, very common. We’re here to help.

Aquada Er Miao Wan 19g by Botanical Biohacking

Slay fungus, express new insulin receptors, eat a cookie on your birthday.