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Our clinic is set up to help people suffering from this condition find solutions leading to health and freedom from pain and fatigue. We address each cause of Fibromyalgia in sequence, treating the whole person to help them get into remission and stay there.

Our founder, Brehan Crawford has focused his career on the careful study and treatment of patients with chronic Lyme and is one of the leading practitioners in the US pioneering new ways of using Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess and treat patients with this debilitating condition. Although it can take some time, many patients are able through consistent treatment to reach remission and stay there.

With proper acupuncture treatment many stroke survivors are able to regain significant degrees of function to affected limbs and other systems including speech, swallowing and memory; and find joy and purpose in life again.

Our clinic offers tailored treatment strategies, deeply rooted in tradition and confirmed through modern research, to enhance gut health, mitigate the symptoms of IBS and SIBO, and improve the outcomes of contemporary digestive treatments, providing alternatives for those in search of different options.

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Crawford Wellness provides effective solutions for chronic conditions using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in McMinnville, Oregon. Are you ready to live a healthier life and experience better health?