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IBS & SIBO Support

Our clinic blends traditional wisdom with modern science to strengthen your digestive system. Battling IBS and SIBO can be overwhelming, but our time-tested, research-backed treatments are here to help. We personalize our approach to alleviate your symptoms and boost the success of your current regimen, offering alternatives for those seeking different options.

Modern treatment can be challenging

As challenging as it can be to come to terms with a diagnosis of IBS or SIBO, navigating the standard treatment pathways (despite their potential benefits) can be equally demanding. The side effects of common interventions like antibiotics can lead to disruptions to the gut microbiome, leaving individuals feeling worse off. Moreover, many patients find that while treatments may offer temporary respite, their symptoms frequently return, prompting the search for more sustainable and effective treatment alternatives.

Crawford Wellness can help

At Crawford Wellness, we understand the intricacies of digestive health and are equipped to get you feeling better.For those whose journey with standard treatments has been cyclical or unsatisfactory, we offer alternative approaches to help you achieve lasting relief and a balanced digestive system.

We do not promise false cures or miracles, but with dedicated care, our patients can experience life-changing results.

Through the strategic use of Acupuncture, tailored-made Chinese herbal medicine, and the innovative practice of Gasotransmitter therapy, we will set you on the path to health. 

Your digestive health is our mission

Our clinic has grown from serving McMinnville, Oregon and the surrounding Yamhill County area to having patients from the Portland Metro area, the Oregon coast, the I-5 corridor, many other states and even as far away as Singapore, China, Germany and the UK who travel for treatment.

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Brehan Crawford has dedicated his career to the meticulous study and treatment of digestive disorders, including IBS and SIBO. He stands among the foremost practitioners in the US, innovating the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to evaluate and manage these conditions.

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