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Many people assume that any online sales of supplements are a scam; and sadly that’s because too many companies targeting people with pain and chronic illness are just trying to profit off of fear and desperation. If you came here from our social media you’ll probably have noticed we give many options for relief ranging from breathing exercises, to self-massage, to diet and lifestyle practices; and we always recommend speaking with your medical provider before trying any new supplement or remedy. We have these items for sale as one more option based on their safety & efficacy record in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it can never be a replacement for individualized care. 

Evil Bone Water (Zheng Gu Shui) 3.4oz

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Evil Bone Water is a 跌打酒 diédǎjiǔ/dit da jow (aka "Hit Wine") with roots thousands of years old in martial arts practice. Hard training to protect your family brings martial skill and... sometimes some injuries. Classically after training, hit wines would be applied to bruises or strains to speed up recovery.

In the modern clinic, we often recommend it for acute and chronic pain of many kinds: Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Tendinopathy, Neuropathy (you can add it to the Tibetan Foot Soak!), Low Back Pain, Neck pain...and more! The list goes on and on.

Little known fact: you can also spritz it on an insect bite and it can relieve the itch!

You can use it before exercise to help warm up areas that may be sore or stiff. The warmth & deep penetration help improve circulation almost immediately.

Kung Fu schools used to keep their best formulas top secret but in the 20th century some of these started to become mass-produced. Sadly, with industrial production came lower quality. They even stopped including the most powerful herbs.

Lucky for us, Saint Apothecary took the most popular formula and brought the standards back up.

Commonly used for relief with:

•Arthritic Joints

•Sports and accidental injuries


•Muscle cramps

•Insect bites

•Broken bones


•Mild topical anesthetic

•And more

This five-hundred year old formula has been modified and perfected to heal modern bone, muscle and skin injuries/conditions in record time.


  • Zhang Nao (Camphor) - FDA approved analgesic, allows deeper penetration of other ingredients, dispels cold.
  • Bo He Nao (Menthol) - FDA approved analgesic, allows deeper penetration of other ingredients; clears local heat.
  • San/Tian Qi (Notoginseng/Pseudoginseng) - Moves blood stasis/improves circulation to heal injuries.
  • Ji Gu Xiang (Japanese Knot Weed) - Bruising and sprains inflammation.
  • Gui Pi (Cinnamon Bark) - Relaxes muscles, promotes circulation and warms to expel cold from joints and muscles.
  • E Zhu (Zedoary Rhizome, Rhizoma Curcumae) - Promotes the circulation of qi and blood while helping break down accumulations of fibrotic tissue from injury to the body.
  • Bai Zhu (Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma) - Relieves dampness (excess water & swelling) from injuries, relaxes muscles.
  • Hu Zhang (Knotweed Rhizome) - Strongly opens the channels to move blood stasis and reduce inflammatory damage.
  • Bai Niu Dan (Inula Cappa DC) - Helps dispel wind, lessening dampness.
  • Qian Jin Ba (Philippine Flemingia Root) - Moves blood stasis and reduces swelling.
  • Huang Qin (Scutellaria Root, Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis) - clears heat and relieves tendon inflammatory damage.

Recommended use: apply topically with swap, cotton ball, spray applicator or by hand. External use only.

Evil Bone Water Herb Quality Information

Here you can see C-grade examples versus A or A+ ("Imperial") grade. C isn't even "bad" it's just standard. Most topicals on the market use D, or just omit them entirely even if they're on the label.... (we're looking at you, "red box zheng gu shui").

Botanical medicines in the A and B group are hard to come by; in China they're often reserved for political elites and the über-wealthy.

Those A-grade photos were actually taken in the EBW production line. You can clearly see the difference in vitality and color.

An herb being placed in that group means that the potency of active pharmacological compounds is exceptionally high, and the products are free from dangerous heavy metals or pesticide residues.

We have a team of PhDs doing laboratory analysis on these herbs to make sure they're the best. It's the same Imperial Grade found in many of our other products:

This grade of herbs, and American everclear, are the only ingredients in Evil Bone Water. Highest and purest grade, every single batch.

How to use it:

(If you've been given directions by a medical provider, follow those please! These are just general guidelines and not meant to be or replace medical advice.)

For everyday acute bruises & strains, workout warmups or old stiff areas & arthritis: spray on lightly over the skin, rub it in until you feel a gentle tingly sensation, and let dry. Apply it as desired, 3 to 5 times per day.

For more severe issues: (pain greater than "6 out of 10") you can soak a cotton ball or piece of gauze in EBW and tape it on your skin for up to 3 hours; then take it off and wait at least 8 hours before re-applying. Don't leave it on overnight, EBW is *very* strong, and prolonged surface contact may irritate your skin.

For Itchy insect bites: just one light spritz and then wait for it to dry on the skin (you can blow lightly to speed this up), and re-apply as desired.

For Neuropathy in the feet or hands: use it like the everyday acute bruises & strains, or add an ounce to the Tibetan Foot Soaks (use the code HAPPYFEET at checkout to bring that price down a lot) and watch the magic happen.

Learn more about Evil Bone Water:

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