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Warm Hearth Er Chen Er Zhu tea 30 teabags by Botanical Biohacking

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Warm Hearth Tea is the formula Er Chen Er Zhu tang, a classical modification of Er Chen tang with two kinds of atractylodes: Bai Zhu (white) and Cang Zhu (red).

Bai zhu is exemplary for warming and drying the Spleen and Lungs and lifting Qi from the digestive to respiratory systems.

Cang Zhu is notable for its drying capacity and the Imperial grade used in this tea is incredibly high in antifungal volatile terpenes. The addition of Guang Huo Xiang / Agastache brings an enhanced lifting and warming effect to the formula.

When the digestive system is full of cold, damp phlegm which is occluding the brain and sinuses, Warm Hearth is the formula of choice. This can manifest as Sleep Apnea, Brain Fog, chronic Sinusitis, Headaches (with a heavy feeling and fatigue) and even neck or shoulder pain. Often these syndromes will be accompanied by low morning appetite or mild nausea and aversion to food. If you have trouble motivating yourself to eat breakfast, try a strong cup of Warm Hearth and a drizzle of Sichuan Chili Oil on your breakfast.

Traditionally used for relief from:

- Sleep Apnea

- Headaches or Migraines with a heavy feeling and fatigue

- Brain Fog

- Sinusitis (Upgrade the effect with a Sinus Steam after your cup of tea)

- Low Morning Appetite

Brewing instructions:

Boil water and add 1-4 teabags. Steep covered for 10-20 minutes, strain and sip. OK to re-brew the teabags several times until no flavor or aroma remains. (See our video on brewing tea here):

How to brew Warm Hearth tea:

Herb Nerd Highlights

  1. Unlike most of the Er Chen on the market using inferior Fa Ban Xia, Botanical Biohacking uses the original Ban Xia Qu, the fermented mix of Ban Xia (Pinellia), ginger juice, and shen qu. This is the true traditional preparation. It’s more difficult to make but for potentially life saving application, they take every effort for additional quality.
  2. In the pharmacopeia, it’s required that Huo Xiang’s leaf : stem ratio be no less than 1:4. That's what is normally available on the market. Our leaf : stem ratio is ≥1:2. Making it more leaf and more of the treasured volatile oils which cause it to aromatically transform dampness and make the therapeutic effect stronger!


Ban Xia - Pinellia

Chen Pi - Citrus peel

Fu Ling - Poria

Gan Cao - Licorice

Bai Zhu - White Atractylodes

Cang Zhu - Red Atractylodes

Huo Xiang - Agastache

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