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Long-Hauler's Histamine Response kit

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Symptoms of Mast Cell activation can be present in many people struggling with "Long Haul Covid".

These may include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • eyes: irritation, itching, watering
  • wide-ranging food sensitivities
  • nose: itching, running
  • mouth and throat: itching, swelling in your tongue or lips, swelling in your throat
  • lungs: trouble breathing, wheezing
  • skin: itching, flushing, hives, sweating, swelling, rash
  • heart and blood vessels: low blood pressure, rapid heart rate
  • stomach and intestines: cramping, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain
  • nervous system: headache, confusion, fatigue

(Please note: in some rare but severe cases, symptoms could include a rapid drop in blood pressure, weak pulse, and narrowed airways in your lungs, making it difficult to breathe. This condition may be anaphylactic shock and require emergency treatment.. please seek medical care!)

The process of finding and eliminating triggers from diet and environment can be frustrating and confusing. This also makes folks with MCAS feel like a social burden and thus struggle with isolation and eventually mental health issues.

MCAS is also highly comorbid with fibromyalgia.

MCAS sufferers are more likely to struggle with IBS

and MCAS can be linked to POTS

This is known as a "disease cluster" and all of these issues are mediated through the human microbiome and its effects on nitric oxide distribution.

Chinese Medicine has long grouped these syndromes into the category of "Damp diseases;" lingering, chronic issues often found after an infection and involving significant amounts of biofilm.

The main presentation of MCAS is mediated Th2 immunity and Immunoglobulin-E. IgE is a protein your immune system makes to get rid of germs or allergens and it’s behind a lot of what we call the “allergic” or “histamine” response.

Interestingly enough, elevated levels of this on a lab test can indicate two things: allergies or parasites (more on that in a moment).

But IgE-mediated MCAS isn’t the only thing going on here. You can have Non–IgE-mediated reactions from drugs; physical injury, exercise; stress and trauma; acute or chronic infections like a damp plague (TCM uses this name for many presentations of Covid-19) or Lyme disease; venoms; or even another disease like cancer. Mast cells can also act as sensors for surrounding inflammation and create an ongoing hypersensitivity response even without the presence of a triggering antigen. Thus the need to address the microbiome and immune response as a whole.

Enter our Long-Hauler's Histamine Response Kit: A synergistic, multi-stage approach to promote a healthy microbiome and immune response. This kit contains the following items:

1) Botanical Biohacking Tibetan Foot Soak (2 packages, 40 foot soak bags in total):

This transdermal botanical infusion contains powerful ingredients to modulate a heightened immune response and improve tolerance to diverse foods, leftovers and medicinal botanicals that can be used internally. We suggest one teabag per soak, following the directions on the package to prepare, and soaking daily for 30-45 minutes or until a very gentle sweat is achieved.

2) Microgard Plus by Botanical Biohacking (two vials): Once the foot soaks have been used daily for two weeks, most people will notice a decrease in frequency and severity of histamine reactions and an increased tolerance for foods, especially more diverse plant choices. At this point a small amount of Microgard Plus should be taken with every meal, slowly increasing to the standard adult dose of 15 micropellets, two to three times per day with meals. (Continue doing foot soaks during this time). Microgard plus contains ingredients to promote a healthy GI mucosal layer (dissolving excess biofilm) and healthy microbiome profile, while promoting enhanced expression of gastric enzymes to break down and digest foods.

3) Serpent Pearls (Jiajian Wu Mei Wan) 90 capsules: This formula has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 2,000 years to treat parasites but has been repurposed in the modern era to address food allergies with a heightened IgE response. It is currently undergoing stage 2 FDA clinical trials for its use against childhood peanut allergy and we have seen it work clinically for the latter stages of treating long-haulers with Mast Cell associated issues. Suggested use: once Microgard Plus has been tolerated well, take 3 capsules Serpent pearls in between meals, 2 times per day.

4) As a special bonus we are including a full-sized jar of our Corydalis Relief Salve by Botanical EZ. This is a high-quality preparation of Corydalis Yanhusuo in a topical ointment which can be used for many presentations of fibromyalgia-like pain and also has a mast-cell stabilizing effect. Dehydrocorydaline has shown the ability to inhibit antigen-induced histamine from peritonial mast cells and is well-tolerated by many of our patients with these type of hypersensitivity responses. Apply topically as desired, for external use only.

Purchased separately, these exclusive, high-quality products would cost a total of $878! By combining them together into a special kit, we are able to offer a massive discount versus the regular retail price. We will even include shipping (inside the United States only) for free.

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