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Long Haul STRONG Haul: ED recovery toolkit

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Covid got your willy pointing South? Get your mojo back with our all-natural ED recovery toolkit.

Our two-stage protocol involves five unique products taken in combination. We start with two weeks of the Stage One protocol (Wind tea, Microgard Plus, and Tibetan Foot Soaks). Historically used to eradicate Fibromyalgia wandering pain, it has also shown significant ability to inhibit Sars-CoV-2 replication which is important prior to healing the vascular damage caused by chronic infection.

Infection with Sars-CoV-2 can create Microclots in the human vascular system: tiny bundles of fibrous tissue responsible for many "Long Hauler" symptoms including fatigue, stroke, depression and ED. These microclots can persist long after the virus has run its course, along with their associated risks and symptoms.

We recommend using the stage one products for two weeks' time (2 bags daily of Wind, 10 pellets of Microgard Plus with each meal, one Tibetan Foot Soak every day for 30-45 minutes or until a light sweat is created) and then proceeding to the ED reccovery toolkit's novel stage two: Neurogene Tea (2 teabags per day), Dahuang Zhechong Wan (3 capsules two times per day) and continued Tibetan Foot Soaks for an additional two weeks.

Neurogene Tea features a large dose of Imperial-Grade Astragalus combined with traditional medicines used to regulate microcirculation, dissolve small clots ("ischemic damage"), lengthen telomeres shortened by Sars-CoV-2 and enhance vitality.

Tibetan Foot soaks remove excess dampness and biofilm which can act as reservoirs for lingering Sars-CoV-2 viral loads while simultaneously restore circulation to the lower extremities and reproductive organs. The soaks also contain Tibetan Saffron, which has shown powerful effects against ED; Tibetan Rhodiola which enhances vitality and improves sexual function (no, really it's awesome); and Sophora Root to improve mitochondrial function and repair ischemic damage with Oxymatrine.

Dahuang Zhechong Wan is a 2,000 year old formula from the "Essentials from the Golden Cabinet" where the sage physician Zhang Ji noted its use for the particular type of man most often affected by post-viral ED:

"These symptoms can be caused by improper diet, emotions, alcohol, sexual indulgence, irregular eating and overexertion either physical or mental. These factors may obstruct the flow of gas and blood, nutrients and immune function, leading to internal retention of stagnant blood. Rough, scaly skin and dark circles under the eyes are present. The Rhubarb and Eupolyphaga Pill can be used to move blood, resolve stasis and reinforce the deficiency." (Essentials From The Golden Cabinet: Translation And Annotation Of Jin Gui Yao Lue Ji Zhang; Aiyun Liu, translator)

Ordered individually these products would cost over $1000! By bundling them together we are able to offer the entire package at a massive discount. Stage Two can also be ordered on its own if needed (some men may wish to repeat stage two for additional benefit).

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