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Zhu Dan Tablets 250 tablets

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Brand: Seven Forests

Zhu Dan Tablets is a formula influenced by patent remedies used for gallbladder inflammation and congestion, such as Lidan Pian and Lidan Paishi Pian, with lyshimachia, saussurea, and capillaris in common. These formulas promote the flow of bile (lidan is to regulate the gallbladder) and activate the circulation of qi. These ingredients treat internal organ problems such as gallstones and cholecystitis. They are especially useful for treating traditionally recognized gallbladder syndromes that are manifest as stagnated damp and heat, with symptoms such as itching skin, allergy reactions, stuffy nose, difficulty digesting fats, constipation, poor mental concentration, indecisiveness, and formation of soft lumps. The main ingredient of this formula are red atractylodes (Cang Zhu) and salvia (Dan Shen); red atractylodes is aromatic, penetrating, and alleviates stagnated damp; salvia is bitter, cooling, and blood-vitalizing, alleviating stagnation of blood. The formula regulates the flow of qi, moisture, and blood and its fundamental action is resolving phlegm dampness complicated by heat. Zhu Dan Tablets can be used as an initial part of a liver "detoxification" program aimed at purging the gallbladder.

Recommended use: 2 to 3 tablets with meals.

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