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Fibromyalgia Stage 2 Protocol Package

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Fibro Protocol Stage 2: Warm Hearth, Microgard, Aquada
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Stage 2 of our Fibromyalgia protocol involves the use of three products to promote a healthy microbiome and reduce the perception of pain caused by dysbiosis.

It’s also loved by many of our patients with IBS!

Purchasing this item includes one of each:

Warm Hearth Tea (Er Chen Er Zhu Tang) 30 teababags by Botanical Biohacking

Microgard or Microgard Plus by Botanical Biohacking

Aquada (Er Miao Wan) by Botanical Biohacking

These formulas are made from rare herbs — the highest quality found on the planet — and normally the retail price of all three items together would be $290. By packaging them together we are able to offer a significant discount and provide the entire treatment stage for only $199.

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