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Many people assume that any online sales of supplements are a scam; and sadly that’s because too many companies targeting people with pain and chronic illness are just trying to profit off of fear and desperation. If you came here from our social media you’ll probably have noticed we give many options for relief ranging from breathing exercises, to self-massage, to diet and lifestyle practices; and we always recommend speaking with your medical provider before trying any new supplement or remedy. We have these items for sale as one more option based on their safety & efficacy record in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it can never be a replacement for individualized care. 

Fibromyalgia Stage 1 Protocol Package

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Brand: Botanical Biohacking


Stage 1 of our Fibromyalgia treatment protocol is Wind tea - Xiao Chai Hu jia San Ren Tang, plus optional Microgard Plus and Tibetan Foot Soaks.

You can learn more about the benefits of Wind tea here on its dedicated page.

In stage 1 of Fibromyalgia treatment we are reducing the presence of the pathological factors Wind and Dampness - usually in the form of chronic reactivating viruses such as Epstein Barr.

We recommend drinking Wind until *wandering* pains have been eliminated - once your fibromyalgia pains are fixed in place, proceed to stage 2.

You can add in Microgard or Microgard Plus at this stage to begin working on dissolving lesions in the digestive tract and reducing food sensitivities, this is a great preparatory step before engaging in stage 2; and Foot soaks to additionally dissolve biofilm and reduce inflammation in the lower extremities, this is especially helpful for people experiencing pain in the hips, knees, ankles, feet and low back. The foot soak can also help to induce a therapeutic sweat -- a very important part of stage 1 treatment.

Normally these three items would retail together for over $500 -- by packaging them together we are able to include all of them at a significant discount.

Watch the full Stage One video here:

Learn more about the benefits of Wind Tea:

Brewing instructions:

Boil water and add 1-4 teabags. Steep covered for 10-20 minutes, strain and sip. OK to re-brew the teabags several times until no flavor or aroma remains. (See our video on brewing tea here):

It is recommended to boil this tea for 10 to 20 minutes for maximum extraction of the active ingredients.

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