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Post Viral Pain

Learn about intricate world of long-haul COVID, its manifestations, and the holistic approach to healing.

The Pain is a Feature, Not a Flaw

One of the prevailing sentiments echoed in discussions about post-COVID symptoms is the persistent pain many individuals experience. It’s essential to understand that this pain, disconcerting as it may be, is not indicative of something broken or malfunctioning in your body. Instead, think of it as an inherent feature — a reaction of the body, attempting to communicate and navigate through the aftermath of a significant viral onslaught.

The Battle Within

While we all wish for a fairy tale ending to our health struggles, the reality can sometimes be more complex. Drawing a parallel, consider long-haul COVID akin to a drawn-out, tumultuous relationship marked by consistent tribal warfare and considerable collateral damage. The continuous skirmishes, or “dumpster fires” as they’re colloquially termed, represent the inflammatory cytokines in our body doing their job with a tad too much enthusiasm. This internal battle can create a lingering state of inflammation, which can exacerbate the feeling of being unwell

The Lingering Presence of the Virus

Interestingly, post-COVID symptoms don’t just vanish into thin air. The virus, in some cases, can act like an unwelcome guest, finding refuge in the hidden crevices of our body — metaphorically speaking, the “attics” and “sewers.” These are essentially our brain cells and the biofilm reservoirs in our gastrointestinal tract. The result? Ongoing chronic inflammation that can persist for months, if not years..

The Road to Recovery


Amid this somewhat grim overview, there’s a beacon of hope and a straightforward prescription: rest. This might seem overly simplistic, but the importance of rest in recovery cannot be overstated. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal, but this process requires downtime, free from the daily stresses and strains.


Moreover, traditional and holistic practices like sauna sessions can be incredibly beneficial. When you’re under the weather, inducing sweat (without overexerting, of course) can act as a therapeutic measure. With their controlled environments, Saunas have been shown to alleviate chronic pain and help regulate the body’s microbiome.

The journey with long-haul COVID can be daunting, but the path to recovery becomes clearer with understanding, rest, and holistic intervention. 

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Brehan Crawford, based in McMinnville, Oregon, is a distinguished clinician specializing in the treatment of chronic conditions, particularly Lyme Disease and its coinfections. After earning his Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2009, he deepened his expertise with a 5-year residency under the mentorship of the renowned Dr. Heiner Fruehauf at the Hai Shan Clinic. A Diplomate of Oriental Medicine from the NCCAOM, Brehan has pioneered innovative methods using Traditional Chinese Medicine for chronic infections. Known for mentoring other professionals, he regularly imparts knowledge on advanced Chinese herbal medicine applications. Beyond his clinical pursuits, Brehan enjoys singing, cooking, and hiking.

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