Corydalis Salve and Evil Bone Water: Power Duo for Pain Relief

Explore the natural pain relief of Corydalis Salve and Evil Bone Water. Grounded in the tradition of Chinese medicine, this dynamic duo has been harnessed for its potent pain-relieving properties. By blending ancient remedies with modern understanding, discover how these topical treatments can offer unparalleled relief for various physical discomforts. Whether you’re well-versed in herbal treatments or are just beginning your journey, our in-depth look promises valuable insights into effective, natural pain management.

Pain Relief Power Combo: Corydalis Salve and Evil Bone Water

Take advantage of the synergistic effect of our two bestselling topical ointments for ultimate pain relief. Corydalis Relief Salve and Evil Bone Water are like the Yin and Yang of pain relief. Each topical works in separate yet complementary ways in managing pain. First, apply Evil Bone Water for fast and powerful pain relief. It will immediately soothe symptoms. Then, apply Corydalis Relief Salve for a longer-lasting, soothing effect.

Evil Bone Water Benefits

  • Opens up pores for quick absorption
  • Intense stimulation with natural menthol and camphor
  • Natural pain-relieving compounds move blood faster, speeds healing, and decreases inflammation
  • Alcohol base

Corydalis Relief Salve Benefits

  • Soothes skin for prolonged absorption
  • Gentle stimulation with Corydalis, lavender, frankincense, and myrrh
  • Natural pain-relieving compounds activate dopamine and opiate receptors to decrease pain.
  • Coconut oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax base


The Power of Combining Evil Bone Water with Corydalis Salve

Merging the capabilities of Evil Bone Water with Corydalis Salve unlocks the full potential of Corydalis, providing targeted and efficient pain relief. Evil Bone Water prepares the skin for better absorption of the salve, allowing it to penetrate deeper and offer pain relief for up to 2-3 hours longer.

This unique combination ensures that the Corydalis Salve is utilized to its fullest extent, maximizing benefits for users.

Understanding the Role of Alcohol in Topicals

Alcohol-based topicals, like ethanol, are widely used in topical applications and are generally safe, even under heavy-use conditions. Ethanol decreases skin oil and lowers the skin barrier function, making the membrane more permeable. This allows for better penetration of other herbs and ingredients, such as Corydalis, when used in combination with Evil Bone Water.

The Art of Using Liniments and Salves

Alcohol-based liniments, such as Evil Bone Water, are known for their quicker absorption speed compared to oil-based topicals. The alcohol content in these linaments allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin rapidly and reach the affected muscles or joints more effectively. This leads to faster relief from pain and discomfort. The trade-off is that this volatility causes it to evaporate and dry quickly off the skin.

On the other hand, oil-based salves tend to be slower to absorb and act more as a time-release mechanism. They create a barrier on the skin, gradually releasing the active ingredients over time. While both types of topicals can be beneficial, combining them, you get the best of both.

How Corydalis and Evil Bone Water Complement Each Other

Topical Corydalis and Evil Bone Water are both known for their pain-relieving properties, albeit through different mechanisms.

Sensory neurons

Sensory neurons in our skin contain pain receptors that help us feel pain. These receptors can be turned on or off by natural substances in the skin, like histamine. The way we perceive pain is also influenced by our brain and brain stem. The most common type of pain receptor found in the skin is known as transient receptor potential (TRP) channels.

San Qi

Evil Bone Water, an ancient Chinese remedy, contains an ingredient called Panax notoginseng or “san qi,” which has been used for centuries to treat pain. The active components in Panax notoginseng are compounds called ginsenosides, which can be absorbed into the skin when applied topically.

Research has shown that one particular ginsenoside, called Rg1, can help reduce pain by blocking specific pain receptors (TRPV1 channels) and decreasing inflammation. This is achieved by reducing the production of a molecule called PGE2, which is known to cause inflammation. Another study found that ginsenosides might directly block these pain receptors in sensory neurons, further contributing to their pain-relieving effects.

Panax notoginseng has been used safely for centuries in traditional medicine, making it a reliable ingredient for remedies like Evil Bone Water. By targeting specific pain receptors and reducing inflammation, the ginsenosides in Evil Bone Water can provide relief from pain and discomfort, offering a natural option for managing pain.

Yan Huo Suo

Corydalis (aka Yan Hu Sou) contains high concentrations of alkaloids (mainly Dehydrocorydaline) and berberine. Dehydrochorydaline attaches to Dopamine and Opiate receptors to inhibit pain and relieve pain without creating an addiction. It does this by avoiding Dopamine receptors 2 and 4 (responsible for cravings) and instead stimulates and attaches to Dopamine receptors 1,3, and 5. Receptors 1,3, and 5 allow you to experience relief but are also the shutoff buttons for craving and wanting more Corydalis. The high concentrations of berberine support reducing inflammation in various tissues. The other plants and oils in the Relief Salve also contain compounds that help support the two main functions of Corydalis. The most notable helper in the formula is Copaiba which stimulates Cannabinoid (CBD) receptors in the same way as hemp.

Together is Better

Harnessing the power of natural remedies like Evil Bone Water and Corydalis Cream offers a promising pathway in chronic pain management. By combining these, we not only tap into the individual strengths of each remedy but also unlock their combined potential for enhanced relief.

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