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We’re a small, family-owned company focused on quality and customer service. The prices on products here might be higher than what you’ll see for natural goods at other websites or vitamin stores, because the level of quality of these products (particularly the botanicals) is incredibly high, and the production runs are very small. The ingredients in these products are often sustainably wild-crafted or sourced from small family farms.  Also the manufacturers often set the minimum advertised price for online sales. If you’re a patient at the clinic, give us a call to order.

Many people assume that any online sales of supplements are a scam; and sadly that’s because too many companies targeting people with pain and chronic illness are just trying to profit off of fear and desperation. If you came here from our social media you’ll probably have noticed we give many options for relief ranging from breathing exercises, to self-massage, to diet and lifestyle practices; and we always recommend speaking with your medical provider before trying any new supplement or remedy. We have these items for sale as one more option based on their safety & efficacy record in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it can never be a replacement for individualized care. 

Insulin Sensitivity Support Kit

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Our Insulin Sensitivity Support kit contains key nutrients and botanical formulas designed to, in combination with a healthy diet and movement plan, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the damage associated with heightened blood sugars.

If your prediabetes or diabetes started after the onlsaught of a viral attack such as Sars-CoV-2 we typically reccomend using one round of the stage one kit to eliminate or reduce the load of lingering or reactivating viruses which may trigger the onset of blood sugar dysregulation *before* starting the contents of this kit.

This kit contains:

Nordic Naturals Pro-Omega Blood Sugar (60 capsules): a potent supplement of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) plus Alpha-lipoic acid Chromium

Aquada Ermiao Wan from Botanical Biohacking (2 vials): a classical formula containing sustainably wildcrafted Atractylodes Lancea from the Mongolian plateau to aromatically reduce yeast & biofilm, and 30-year old Phellodendron bark, a potent source of broad-spectrum berberine shown to help regulate elevated blood sugar levels and promote a healthy lipid profile.

Microgard Plus from Botanical Biohacking (2 vials): reverse the damage caused by excess intake of carbohydrates and rich, greasy foods (the "Standard American Diet") and help to digest the healthier meals you'll enjoy going forward by contributing naturally-occurring Protease & Amylase, improving bile flow, and feeding healthy gut flora.

Tibetan Foot Soak from Botanical Biohacking (1 package of 20 teabags): used clinically for hundreds of years to reverse damage to nerves & blood vessels caused by oxidative stress such as chronically elevated blood sugars; these foot soaks have ingredients to promote neurogenesis & angiogenesis and reduce the likelihood of accumulated stress causing irreparable damage to other tissues.

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