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Botanical Biohacking Neurogene tea 30 teabags

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Neurogene is a modification of Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang, a formula originally designed for post-stroke sequelae. This modification adds Tian Ma and Gou Teng which eliminate wind (tremor) and keep the ascending function of the formula in balance. It also contains Da Huang, Lian Qiao, and Jin Yin Hua to eliminate heat. When dealing with presentations of blood stasis, it is important to remember that blood stasis can hide heat so it is often important to include heat clearing herbs such as this to deal with hidden heat that may arise from eliminating this stasis.

Though Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang was designed for post-stroke sequelae, it is applied to a variety of blood stasis with Qi deficiency type presentations. This is very common as well with concussion, eye problems, head or traumatic brain injuries, or even musculoskeletal injuries characterized by blood stasis with Qi deficiency.

This formula is not to be used, or to be used with caution under the guidance of an herbalist when pre-existing conditions of dampness are also present. It is recommended to boil this tea for 20 to 30 minutes for maximum extraction of the active ingredients.

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