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Custom Powdered Herbal Formula 100 grams

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Product Details

100 grams of your custom herbal powdered formula.

Select this product ONLY if you are a patient of record of Brehan Crawford LAc. Specify the “Order Comments” section at checkout which date of service you would like filled. If you do not know the date, or the quantity you should request, contact the clinic prior to ordering.

You can also use this product choice to request 100 grams of an off-the shelf formula we carry; please specify in the order comments what you would like (i.e. “Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San” or “Yu Ping Feng San” or “Shi Quan Da Bu Tang” etc)

Includes a 1-gram measuring spoon.

No refunds or substitutions are available on this product once it is ordered. Please make sure your phone number is entered accurately at checkout so we can contact you if we require any more information before shipping.

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