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Long Haul Post-Viral: Stage One

In today’s health landscape, post-viral conditions and their long-term implications have emerged as pressing concerns. Guided by traditional wisdom and modern insights, we unpack a


Post Viral Pain

Learn about intricate world of long-haul post-COVID, its manifestations, and the holistic approach to healing. The Pain is a Feature, Not a Flaw One of

Chronic Pain

Surprising Benefits of Warm Water

Discover the incredible reasons why drinking warm water is absolutely vital for your health! In this eye-opening video, we delve into the amazing benefits that


Three Secrets of Digestive Health

Chronic gut problems, ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to chronic gastritis, have long been a bane for many. As the search for effective treatments continues,

Chronic Infections

Water Metabolism

Water Metabolism is a key diagnostic marker for people with chronic diseases like Long Covid, Fibromyalgia Lyme disease etc. Especially when we’re working in the

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